dribbles, dribbling, dribbled
1) V-ERG If a liquid dribbles somewhere, or if you dribble it, it drops down slowly or flows in a thin stream.

[V prep/adv] Sweat dribbled down Hart's face...

[V n prep/adv] Dribble the hot mixture slowly into the blender.

2) N-COUNT: N of n A dribble of a liquid is a very small amount of it.

Apply a dribble of baby shampoo.

...lettuce with dribbles of vinaigrette.

3) VERB When players dribble the ball in a game such as soccer or basketball, they keep kicking or tapping it quickly in order to keep it moving.

[V n] He dribbled the ball towards Ferris...

He dribbled past four defenders...

[V-ing] Her dribbling skills look second to none.

4) VERB If a person dribbles, saliva drops slowly from their mouth.

...to protect cot sheets when the baby dribbles...

She's dribbling on her collar.

5) N-UNCOUNT Dribble is saliva that drops slowly from someone's mouth.

His top is soaked in dribble and he needs his nose wiping quite frequently.

6) VERB If people or things dribble somewhere, they move there slowly and in small numbers.

[V prep/adv] ...as the workers dribbled away from city square.


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